Euro Cafés around the UK

The Euro Café concept, born in Norwich in November 2019, is being taken up around the country as a way to offer practical help to EU citizens in the UK.

Many EU citizens in the UK already have Settled Status, and many others are applying or know that they need to apply. There are those, however, who don’t even know that they need to. It is becoming urgent that they find out and submit their application.

Around the UK, a network of Euro Cafés is coming to life, providing support and place of welcome to a wide range of nationalities. The national Euro Café website is linking to them as they develop.

Organisations offering help and information

There are a number of organisations offering help to EU citizens planning to stay in the UK beyond 31 December 2020. Some of these are national, some are local to Norfolk. a new charity working with vulnerable and hard to reach EU/EEA citizens in the UK.

the3million: the organisation run by and for EU citizens in the UK. The site has a wealth of useful information.

EU Citizens’ Rights; useful information on Settled Status; they also organise information events around the country about the rights of EU and EEA citizens in relation to Brexit.

The government information page has information on who needs to apply, and the links for applying for Settled Status.
There is also an Employer toolkit for employers needing to help employees apply for Settled Status.

UKCEN is a forum for queries. Some contributors are qualified lawyers, but anyone registering to take part in the forum must take careful note of the conditions on which any guidance is given. Lots of useful information on the site.

Citizens Advice: a national network of independent and impartial charities giving advice on consumer rights and other issues.
See Norfolk Citizens Advice for offices locations and opening hours.

For EEA citizens, Here for Good offers legal advice, for free for those most in need:

The GMB offers help to its own members: