The concept of the Euro Café was born during the election as a way to show friendship to EU27 citizens and others who were experiencing a heightened sense of isolation and rejection. The suggestion was aired on local social media in Norwich and enthusiastically received, and the café launched on Saturday, 23 November.

The idea has really resonated among the grassroots groups around the nation. Euro Cafés are springing up in towns around the UK, amplifying the opportunities to show friendship to our EU27 families, friends and neighbours.

Help for EU27 citizens

Government statistics on applications for Settled Status present a picture that is rather more rosy than the reality. Here in Norfolk, according to Home Office statistics, around half of the c. 45,000 non-British citizens of EU have applied for Settled Status. By the end of December, almost 14,000 had received Settled Status and nearly 7,000 had received Pre-Settled Status. Some 2,400 applications were pending. At the Euro Café, we are concerned that so many still need to apply. Some know this, but we are especially concerned about the many who may not even be aware of the requirement.

As well as offering a place of welcome and friendship, the Euro Café has information about Settled Status application, and aims to give support where possible, and to guide people to the information they need.

See our Links page for organisations offering help and guidance.
For more detailed analysis of the situation at the end of 2019, see the survey Experiences and Impact of the EU Settlement Scheme, carried out by the organisation the3million in late 2019.