Europe is not a Market – it is the will to live together.

You are invited to come and spend time together at the Euro Café.


Every Saturday, 11.30-1.30

St Mary Magdalen Church, Silver Road, Norwich NR3 4TF

  • In normal times, we meet for coffee, chat and a croissant. Sadly, these are not normal times, so we live in hope of being able to meet again as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is in need of information or help with applying for Settled Status, please use the Contact us page, and explore the Links page for organisations that can help. offer help in a wide variety of languages.

Norwich as a city has for centuries been proud of its reputation as a city of welcome, especially those who made the short crossing from our neighbouring European countries.

The Euro Café offers a welcome to all, and especially to citizens of EU27 countries who may be feeling unwelcome at this time of social and political turbulence.

Little haven of wellness

Thank you so much for your care and this wonderful initiative, it has really become my little haven of wellness and I made so many lovely new like-minded friends. It means a lot to me. E.G .

Support and love

Thank you so much for a lovely coffee morning with all the support and love for us European citizens. C.O.

A brillant place

A brilliant place - friendly, relaxed and informal - for friends both new and old to chat over a cup of coffee